Tradition and far-sightedness

Once upon a time every village had its mill, just as every church has a bell tower. In a certain sense this hasn’t changed for the family Fuchs in our own day and age. We have just substituted the old mill wheel with modern production, mixing and packaging facilities, which turn out over 4,5 million kilograms of conventional plus 1 million kilograms of organic müesli and cereal mixtures.

THe most important milestones of our company's history:

1922    Foundation of the Fuchs Mill in Laces 
             (South Tyrol) by Josef Fuchs senior
1962    Extension of the mill also through             
             the building of a huge silos to enable
             the stocking of cereals
1967    Rendition of the mill to the son 
             Hubert Fuchs            
1984    Company Fuchs becomes the pioneer in 
             the treatment and processing of spelt
1987    Start with the production of müesli by the
             brothers Josef and Helmut Fuchs
1988    Introduction of the label "Naturkost"
1997    Start of the export's activities of the 

1998    Edification of an own factory in Castelbello 
             (South Tyrol)
1999    Transfer of the entire production of              
             of breakfast cereals and müesli and 
             start with the activities in the new
             plant in Castelbello
2005    Begin with the production of the crunchy
2007    Quality certification according to the IFS 
             "higher level"

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